A map exhibited at 'Correspondence', a contemporary art show (2015) exploring how new technologies could promote the accessibility of the arts and change ideas about public spaces across real and virtual platforms.  The map is site specific and documents the real space of Prestamex House, an abandoned 1960s tower block in Brighton UK, and the fictional stories and interactions of the workers of an imagined company (Numerex) there.  The piece appeared physically as part of a lightbox installation but also was accessible online.
Inspired by architectural blueprints the map was hand drawn in ink on graph paper and designed to be placed flat on a table and walked around.  Viewers were asked to relate the map to the reality of the space they were in and in turn, to the fictional stories on the map relating to the space.  The exhibition itself could also be virually experienced in second life and in a second iteration, relayed to the internet by a roaming spybot.

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