The King's Road was one of the most influential cultural hubs of mid - 20th century London.  Home to the cutting-edge fashion of Mary Quant and Vivian Westwood, the music of The Sex Pistols, The Who, the Small Faces and class-howling drama like 'Look Back in Anger' at the Royal Court Theatre. Other explorers of innovative fashion such as Oscar Wilde, Gabriel Dante Rossetti and even Charles II could be found strutting down the King's Road through the centuries.
The map pinpoints buildings of cultural cool and was commissioned for the book, 'Kings Road - The Rise and Fall of the Hippest Street in the World' written by Max Decharne.  The map is printed as endpapers and as a loose insert for the limited edition.
I researched 60's graphic design before the commission, reflecting it in the hand lettering of the cartouche and the wavy bordering neatline.
Published by Omnibus Press, part of the Wise Music Group.
You can read more about the commission here.
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