Welcome to my illustration portfolio!

Illustrations, maps, drawing and lettering, plus shop, exhibitions, talks and workshops.

Nativity: The Star Dreamer - Little Barn Books
Balthazar: The Star Dreamer - Little Barn Books
Aziz Dreams: The Star Dreamer - Little Barn Books
Aziz: The Star Dreamer - Little Barn Books
His Dark Materials - playing cards - BBC/HBO
Asian folktales - Scholastic
Flying with Dragons - Scholastic
Who Conducts the Dawn Chorus from High in the Sky?
Can you Follow the Trail of a Bright Shooting Star?
Halloween owls
Seasonal border - Lion Children
Cherry blossom - Lion Children.
The Marauders’ Map Guide - Scholastic.
Garden endpapers.
Hummingbirds - Cricket Magazine
Taro the fisherman saves the sea turtle - Scholastic.
Arctic animals and Inuits - Barefoot Books.
Rooster - WMB Eerdmans.
Sheep's Whisper - WMB Eerdmans.
Wren - WMB Eerdmans.
Mousesong - WMB Eerdmans.
Bluebells and Dandelions - Lion Children.
The Goosegirl - The Great Book Foundation.
Taro meets the Princess of the Sea - Scholastic.
Taro goes to the bottom of the sea - Scholastic.
Greenland geese - Lion Children.
Sometimes squirrels forget ...
Under the shed is a den... where a fox family live.
A frog lives in my pond...
Moles live in holes (and worms are very tasty!)
The City Mouse & the Country Mouse - Ladybug Magazine.
The birds love their feathers! - Wisdom Tales.
The birds gift a feather each - Wisdom Tales.
Other animals have clothes... - Wisdom Tales.
Feathers for Peacock - Wisdom Tales..
The birds paint their feathers - Wisdom Tales.
Buck saves John - Miles Kelly Publishing.
Call of the Wild - Miles Kelly Publishing.
Fish - WMB Eerdmans.
Cooking with Little Leap Forward - Barefoot Books
Through the Mickle Wood - The Great Books Foundation.
F is for fox
A home in the woods...
Mythic Greece - Children's Museum of Manhattan
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