Welcome to my illustration portfolio!

Illustrations, maps, drawing and lettering, plus shop, exhibitions, talks and workshops.

A Map of Soho - private client
Map of Goodwood House
Follow That Hare - Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre
Zoopraha - Lionsgate
Modern Marvels - Carousel
Camp No-Man’s Land - The Wing
A Map of a Corner of Eastbourne
Night ride to Sevuvuoma
Brighton wildlife map - ONCA Gallery.
Dog Sled Tracks on Lake Väkkärä
A Map of Montjuïc
A Map of Ditchling
The River Don - The River Don Millowners' Association.
A Map of the Stars in Winter - Northern Hemisphere
'Hand Drawn Maps' cover - Thames & Hudson.
A Map of my Heart - Thames & Hudson.
A Map of Asakusa - Thames & Hudson.
London Underground Map - Thames & Hudson.
Wedding invitation - Thames & Hudson.
A Map of Amsterdam - Thames & Hudson.
Map of Paris - Thames & Hudson.
Mapping People - Thames & Hudson.
Moon Map
We Dream of Blue Whales. Foroyar.
White Cliffs and St Barnabus - Thames & Hudson.
A Brooklyn Cartouche - Thames & Hudson.
Compass - Thames & Hudson.
Echolocation - the Flightpath of Starbeard 3
A Map of Lewes - University of Sussex.
A Map of the Head - Thames & Hudson.
We Dream of Blue Whales. Scandia.
Plangent - design for an album - Ingrid Plum.
A Map of Brighton - The Great Escape festival.
A Map of Britain
A Probably Inaccurate History of Coffee
We Dream of Blue Whales. Islandia
Numerex House
Lands of the Bible - Lion Children.
Treasure Map - Thames & Hudson.
A map of the London Tube
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