I'm an illustrator specialising in hand drawn mapping, children's books, drawing and lettering. 
I'm the author of 'Hand Drawn Maps - A Guide for Creatives' (Thames and Hudson) and my maps have also appeared in books, magazines and films.  They've helped wanderers, armchair explorers, festival goers and nature lovers, folded small into brochures or shouting loudly on signage.  I was made an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Cumbria in 2022.
I've contributed to over 30 books, won several awards and exhibited around the world.  My book illustrations are mainly hand produced using watercolour, collage and graphite and have been used in picture books, anthologies and chapter books.
My illustrations, drawings and lettering have also been commissioned for business branding, ceramic designs and as props for TV and film.
I currently work in a sunny studio in Brighton by the sea in the UK.
Occasionally I make work as a fine artist and information about my maps, paintings and drawings (and current exhibitions) can be found on my fine art website. I am represented by Enter Gallery and Art Republic.
Uncharacteristic extrovert moments have included learning to blacksmith; a brief employment as a forger (legitimately!); employment as a 'hand double' for a BBC costume drama (although I never actually made it to the screen); performing in a critically acclaimed theatre show based in London's West End; drinking reindeer blo0d with Sami herders; driving a dog sled above the Arctic circle and sailing as crew 1300 miles across the North Atlantic tracking whales.

My wet weather sailing gear (pointing at the hurricane)....

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