Two compass roses designed for Ffern, a small batch, limited edition, organic perfume company based in Somerset.  There are four perfumes each year which are released on the date of the Summer and Winter solstices and equinoxes.
Solstices give us the longest day or the longest night on 21st of June and December respectively. Equinoxes have a daytime and nighttime that are approximately equal in length and occur around the 21st of March and September.
I was commissioned to create two compass roses using these moments in time as a motif which would appear on the Ffern website and as part of their online marketing, as a gift card and for charity prints.
The Equinox illustration is themed around the moon, shoots, buds and leaves.  The Solstice compass rose is themed around the sun, fire, snow and roses. 
Hand painted in watercolour.

Final version of the Equinox compass rose icon.

Final version of the Solstice compass rose icon.

Initial version of the Equinox compass rose.

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