In-Person Hand Drawn Mapping Workshops.
For adults... (for children, please scroll down.)
I'm experienced in running hand drawn mapping workshops for adults in museums and galleries.  Each workshop is site-specific and participants are invited to join me on a short walk of the area which they then map.  Workshops ideally last a day but can be adapted to last a half day.

Full day workshop at Ditchling Museum of Arts + Crafts

As part of the workshop, participants learn:
– how to research the territory with notes and sketches.
– simple gridding up techniques.
– how to use negative space effectively with pattern, illustration or stories.
– how to create decorative compass roses and cartouches.
– how to design personalised feature icons and keys.
– easy to draw but simply elegant hand lettering.

I provide plenty of real and facsimile hand drawn maps and map detail examples for inspiration and by the end, students will have started to produce their own personal map of the area using the skills they have learnt.

Half day workshop at ONCA Gallery.

For children...
Children’s workshops last between 1-2 hours dependent on age group and are classroom based. The aim is for students to imagine and then map their own unique make-believe worlds.   The workshop is designed to encourage creativity and playfulness as well as offer an introduction to mapping and mark-making skills and can be themed to tie in with a variety of topics.
As part of the workshop, students will:
- have access to original map paintings and fascimile paper map (both my own designs and vintage) realia.
- plan their own imaginary world through pair conversation.
- start to draw a map of their imaginary world as solo work.
- use a variety of markmaking to differentiate water, topographical and natural features.
- draw simple compass roses, cartouches and neatlines.
- label the features in their imaginary world.
- explain their maps to a partner or with the group if time.

An education pack for teachers can also be supplied if requested.
Recent workshops have included:
2022 Hand Drawn Mapping short workshop for children, The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares, Dorset
2019 Hand Drawn Mapping day workshop, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Sussex
2018 Hand Drawn Mapping day workshop, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, Sussex
2018 Hand Drawn Mapping day workshop, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, Sussex

2018 Hand Drawn Mapping short workshop, ONCA Gallery, Brighton
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