'Hand Drawn Maps - a guide for creatives', both written and illustrated by me and published internationally including Thames and Hudson in the UK and Chronicle in the US.  The book takes the reader on an adventure creating hand drawn maps in different formats; how to design features, hand letter, create compass roses and cartouches and see the world in a different way.

A map of Amsterdam in ink and gouache.  How negative space can be utilised in a map - in this case the spaces between the roads and canals are filled with traditional Dutch patterns.

A conceptual map of my heart, combining geography and emotional storytelling and based on historical examples throughout the centuries.

A contemporary cartouche, exploring how the cultural landscape can be summed up in illustration additional to the mapped landscape.  Hand drawn in pen and ink with digital lettering

A map of Stockholm through people seen on the streets.  Sometimes mapped features don't need to be buildings...

A pirate's treasure map.  Exploring how to create traditional-style fantasy maps that have appeared throughout film and literature (and possibly whether historical pirate maps really existed too!)

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