A large map commissioned by National Trust, the Cider Museum and the Brightspace Foundation for the exhibition 'The Apple; the art, science and history of humanity's fruit' curated by Antonia Harrison.  The map documents multiple notes and icons illustrating how the apple, as we know it, has developed - how it spread through the world and how important it is within world culture. Each story was released individually online running up to the launch of the physical exhibitions in Herefordshire.  The map was displayed as a large wall piece and was available to buy as a jigsaw at 'The Variety of Cultures' exhibition at the Cider Museum and as a pull-out map at the 'An Apple Gathering' exhibition at NT property, Croft Castle, both in Herefordshire.
Hand painted and lettered in watercolour and ink.
Read about mapping the Apple World here.

A facsimile on display at Croft Castle as part of the 'An Apple Gathering' exhibition.

A wall graphic at the Cider Museum, Hereford.

The original artwork on display at the Cider Museum, Hereford.

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