A logo with hand painted botanical details and lettering created for Stil und Stiele, a florist based in Zurich, Switzerland.  The logo was for use on the website, print collateral and signage.
There were a number of iterations: straightforward lettering; an oval floral frame in both colour (created in watercolour) and black and white (pen and ink); simple text with a highlighted decorative ampersand that could  also be used alone as an individual icon.
The lettering was created specifically for the design although based on a basic cursive script.  I added tendrils to the 't's and to the black and white '&' for a botanic feel.  The reversed-out white ampersand, however, had to be simple and bold so that it wasn't lost against the detail of the background leaves.
The client asked me to depict a range of flowers for the oval frame that represented the seasons.  Each was chosen for the specific meaning given to them by Floriography, the 'language of flowers', which dates back to the 19th century.  Floriography gave each species a coded meaning so that sentiments and feelings could be secretly expressed through flowers and flower arrangements.
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