A map in pen, ink and watercolour for the Rethinking Civil Society project run by the University of York and the Lichtenberg Kolleg at the University of Gottingen.  The five-year project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, examines what makes a society ‘civilised’ and what stands to threaten or undermine it.  Prominent figures in civil society – politics, literature and the arts, education, charities, NGOs, religious bodies and community associations - were asked to give their thoughts.  This was my contribution and it now sits amongst pieces by other contributors ranging from Anthony Gormley, David Shrigley, Ken Loach, Andrew Motion, Caryll Phillips, Rabbi Julia Neuberger and Jim Al-Khalili.  You can read more here.
The piece was shown in ‘Art of Politics’ at the University of York in 2023. 
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