I was commissioned to create a series of rough sketches for Ridley Scott's short film 'The Journey'  as a commercial for Turkish Airlines.  The story involves a secret agent (Syliva Hoek) on the trail of a mysterious woman who has left her travel sketchbook behind.  The scenes of Istanbul in the sketchbook act as clues to her whereabouts and we are taken on a journey around the city until the final scene which shows the cat and mouse chase continuing on a flight to Bali.
All of the sketches, created in biro or ink in the prop sketchbook itself, were intentionally naive, quick and sometimes unfinished for reality's sake and I have included some of them below.
There are 30 second, 60 second and 6 minute versions of the film which will be shown on TV, film and online. It even made it to the famous Superbowl ads!
You can read about the commission here.
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