Welcome to my illustration portfolio!

I specialise in hand drawn maps, children's book illustration, drawing and lettering. I also offer map drawing workshops! How can I help you?

Story map - Ghostly Brighton
Museum Map - National Trust and Cider Museum
Journey Maps - The Almanac 2021 - Octopus
Migration maps - The Almanac 2021 - Octopus
Hotel Visitor Map: Print and Web - Seckford Hall
Wildlife Trail - Ouse & Adur River Trust
Seasonal Map - Halloween House
Map Mural - MMoser Assoc. for Unity Technology.
Walking with Dickens Tour - The Literary Map Company
Book Illustration - Thames and Hudson
Garden Mapping - Montjuïc, Barcelona
TV Drama Prop - His Dark Materials - BBC/HBO
Simple Map - A Map of Illingworth
Art & Nature Trail: Print, Web & Signage - Mead Gallery
Art & History Trail: Print, Signage, Web - Mead Gallery
River Mapping - A Map of Oxford Waterways
Public Art Trail - Rugby Borough Council
A Map of Soho - Private Client
Print Merchandise - Towner Art Gallery
Simple Map - A Map of Brighton at 4am
Film Prop - Lionsgate
A Map of a Corner of Eastbourne
Night Map - A Ride to Sevuvuoma
Marketing Campaign - ONCA Gallery
Village Mapping - Ditchling
Astronomical Stories - A Map of the Stars in Winter
Book Cover - Thames & Hudson
Wedding Invitation - Thames & Hudson
City Walk Map - Thames & Hudson
Lunar Stories - Moon Map
Artist Residency - We Dream of Blue Whales
Festival Event: Print, Web and Signage - The Wing
Wildlife Map - An ONCA/Sussex Wildlife Trust Project
Research Presentation - University of Sussex
Album Packaging - Ingrid Plum
Visitor Information - The Great Escape Festival
Film Festival Trail - Carousel
Historical Stories - A Map of the History of Coffee
Mapping Office Stories - Art Event
A Map of the London Tube
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